Focused Friday

By Dr. Wes Robins

Kara Morrissey our AMAZING Clinical Director was just a guest on the Most High Show. Most High Media is a non profit organization that focuses on breaking the stigma of addiction and mental health disorders with their media company which creates recovery content made by and for men and women in recovery.

Listen to Kara’s recent interview where she speaks in depth about Trauma and Mental Health

I’m also excited to announce that next week I am headed to Savannah to present at the NYAR (National Youth Advocacy and Resilience Conference)

I will be presenting on Radical Youth Work, our unique three tier approach (community/ experiential mentoring/ humanistic counseling) to working with youth, young adults and families:

Radical Youth Work: A Community-Based Approach to Working With Youth, Young Adults and Families

Weston Robins, PhD, LPC, Dr. Weston Robins, President & Founder, Eternal Strength

The presentation will focus primarily on the methodological aspects of Radical Youth Work, while also diving into working with youth and families struggling with depression, anxiety, suicidality, self-harm, and substance abuse. A core focus will remain on humanistic and person-centered ways to work with youth in a co-collaborative approach to healing and holistic growth. Skott-Myhre’s work on Radical Youth Work, humanistic psychology (Watts, 2017,Rogers, 2015) the radical systems theory of Gregory Bateson (2000), the postmodern thought of Deleuze and Guattari (1988), the nomadic feminism of Rosie Braidotti (2011), and the theoretical work of anti-psychiatrist R.D.Laing (2018) will be explored.

Everyone have a great weekend and please reach out if you want to learn more about Eternal Strength and the support we can offer your family!

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Focused Friday:

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Brandi Wallace

Office Manager

Brandi has a passion for helping families at Eternal Strength and in the community. Communication is one of Brandi’s strengths and she brings with her 8 years experience as a Director Of Operations. She excels at building and nurturing professional relationships with our families and prospective clients. Brandi loves to be with her two girls, Aaliya and Knox, her dogs Daitona, Zeus and Charlie. She also enjoys coaching softball and traveling with her fiance Shaun.

Adam Bennett


Adam takes very seriously his humanistic and person centered mentoring work with his clients, always leading by example and sharing his experiences as a way to support and guide. Adam is grounded in love, truth, holistic growth and compassionate care for all the youth and families he serves. Adam is also currently studying Psychology at Kennesaw State University.

Adam loves being in nature and going on hikes with his amazing dog Bridget. 

Erin Campbell

Director of Outreach

Erin has been in the mental health field in a multitude of capacities for years and her heart has always been devoted to serving youth and families in need. Her unwavering commitment to helping families find the best therapeutic support shines through in all she does. Erin herself just hit thirteen years in long term recovery and has devoted her life to helping others recognize they are capable of tuning into their best selves and living lives of deep meaning and purpose. Erin serves our team and the families we support with superior ethical integrity and deep compassion and understanding and we are so blessed to have her as part of our crew

Erin is super active in the sober recovery community, loves off roading and live music, but most of all Erin loves being married to her amazing wife Amanda and being a mom to her incredible daughter Blake. 

Teen Counseling and Therapy Support



Alison Robins has been helping local families connect with developmental support services, parenting support, and specialty resources for more than a decade. With her intimate knowledge of what families need to thrive, particularly during times of critical need, she is able to provide empathetic and practical guidance on how to navigate the landscape of mental and physical healthcare to families with neurodiverse children.

As our Cosmic Lamb Director of Development, Alison brings joy and passion to advocacy, fundraising, and the organization of special events. Through community outreach, her work as a certified Intuitive Healer, and sharing her experience as a mother of two daughters, Alison is a fundamental part of our ability to holistically aid our neighbors on their journey of Family.

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Joining the Eternal Strength crew all the way from Nashville, Tennessee is Abbey Crane— a singer, songwriter, musician, and author who has a passion for finding opportunity to foster connection and growth.

A graduate of Belmont University with formal studies in music and entrepreneurial business, Abbey is a beautiful example of balancing diligent work with deep attunement. We at Eternal Strength experience her net of loving kindness being cast wide throughout her community.

Abbey understands what it means to stay open to life’s organic course, and that finding our own individual psychic health is possibly our most sacred artistic process. We are so thankful to have Abbey as a part of our Eternal Strength family.

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Hailing from rural Southwest Georgia, Emily H. is a creative entrepreneur and community advocate that has made Atlanta her home base for the last half decade.

Emily is a graduate of The University of Georgia’s Lamar Dodd School of Art and is passionate about engaging and advocating for marginalized people groups—from building meaningful spaces within the Atlanta queer community to publicly speaking for the consideration of children experiencing neurodiversity, Emily is all about fostering an environment where people can truly hear one another.

Emily has been primarily influenced by 1960’s color palettes, time spent with her grandparents, and modern Southern culture. . . She is a bright light and constant source of joy—we are so thankful to have her at Eternal Strength! 

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Mike is a Therapeutic Mentor here at Eternal Strength Youth Center. Mike has spent the last several years transforming every aspect of his life.

He has been on the path to his highest self and he isn’t afraid to be completely transparent and share his truths, experiences, and philosophies for anyone who wants to heal themselves.

He brings an intense, raw, yet fun energy to his work with youth and young adults that makes him able to really connect with them. Mike is a true light worker and healer. 

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Andrew is an amazing therapeutic mentor here at Eternal Strength. Andrew has been with us since the earliest days and continues to offer sacred space for youth from all walks of life. Andrew’s personal experience of growth and development allows him to align with youth maneuvering a wide range of challenges and adversity.

Andrew is calm, engaged, confident and caring in all he does and loves to provide guidance, support, mentorship and care for youth and families. Andrew has a vast amount of past experience working in the mental health field and in arenas of substance abuse and recovery.

Andrew is a beautiful soul with top-tier character and brings a blend of heart-felt empathy and accountability to all he does.

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Smitty is a holistic healer on all fronts. Smitty weaves his psycho-spiritual exploration and practices into his therapeutic work with clients and families in a woven tapestry of authentic alignment and connection.

He believes in the importance of creating and carving unique and individual sacred space for each human soul he works with. His heartfelt connection to nature, body/mind attunement and meditation allow him to offer mind/ body/ soul guidance and support to all youth on their journey of growth.

Smitty has worked in numerous facilities providing psychotherapy to individuals and families struggling with a multitude of challenges, i.e. substance abuse, addiction, depression, anxiety, and many other arenas.

Smitty is an ally to families and clients moving through the journey of developmental growth and brings his authentic voice as a holistic healer to provide empowerment, guidance and insight for all those he works with. Also, he’s got one of the best mustaches in the world and can outrun a cheetah

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Clinical Therapist, Board Certified Art Therapist, Certified Brainspotting Practitioner

Ashley is a Registered Art Therapist (ATR) and clinical therapist relocating from Nashville, Tennessee. Ashley is a graduate of Florida State University’s Master’s of Art Therapy and clinical mental health counseling program and has experience leading group and individual treatment in the prison setting, schools, and acute and long term psychiatric care.

Since living and working in Nashville, her focus has been primarily in the hospital setting— specifically inpatient psychiatric care— serving those with persistent mental health diagnoses and substance abuse who are in active crisis. After serving clients in these settings, Ashley opened up a private practice to work with individuals and families in a more dynamic, holistic setting, in order to serve those looking for a place that could effectively aid them in experiencing wellness that is tailored to the individual’s needs.

Ashley’s goal is to foster a community using art therapy’s naturally dynamic and person-centered process to give clients the control and empowerment needed to process and explore their ideas in a flexible and non-threatening way.

After several years in private practice, Ashley has moved to the Atlanta area to join the team at Eternal Strength Therapeutic Youth Center to further expand person-centered work with teens and young adults.

Ashley specializes in working with creative young people navigating new mental health diagnoses or mood and anxiety disorders that have a long history of treatment or psychotherapy as well as young adults who desire autonomy but are not currently equipped for independent living.

We are beyond blessed to have this incredible, beautiful soul as part of the fam.

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Clinical Therapist, Board Certified Art Therapist, Certified Brainspotting Practitioner

Kara Morrissey, our Clinical Director at Eternal Strength, is passionate about creative living and psychic expansion through empathetic connection and symbolic expression. Kara was raised moving between far West Texas and rural Southeast Alaska, both regions teaching her about connection between natural ecosystems and the spectrum of human relationships.

​Kara has spent the last seven years working in a range of settings including acute psychiatric care on the community and state hospital levels, forensic mental health, juvenile justice, substance misuse & amp; recovery, and residential rehabilitation. Each of these settings have illuminated the structure of current healthcare, showing points of strength as well as deep cracks in the system’s integrity.

Kara is passionate about supporting a culture within Eternal Strength and beyond that is person-centered, humanistic, and believes that no experience goes to waste.

Kara Morrissey is a graduate of The University of Georgia, Florida State University, and is a Registered Art Therapist, Clinical Psychotherapist, and trained practitioner of brainspotting.

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Tai is compassionate, insightful, creative and a natural therapeutic healer. Tai views his role in this world as a bridge of the creative self to a spiritual path.

He works with the inspirations and intent of others to build an atmosphere of sacredness to help manifest a result charged by those forces.

His artistic and esoteric approach to this life creates an amazing space for the people he works with. We are more than blessed to have him on the team.

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Our founder, Dr. Weston Robins, is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a visionary leader in the realm of Radical Youth Work. Dr. Wes has been an advocate both in practice and in academia for a truly humanistic and person-centered approach since he has been in the field– serving youth across levels of care from emergency stabilization to finding their own purpose and spiritual path.

Dr. Wes has spent more than a decade dreaming of a place where youth and clinicians can experience mutual liberation and come into greater mental freedom together, a center where the binds of standardized sociological pressures are cut away and every youth’s inner wisdom can rise up as an undimmable beacon of light and joy.

Dr. Wes serves the team at Eternal Strength with the same value system as he does the families that come to the center, building sacred space, bolstering each individual’s divine strengths, and creating space for synchronicity and enlightenment.